Career Coaching Your Children:
Course Objectives

Goal: Parents will learn how to take an active coaching role, during the various cyclical stages of their child’s career development, through the exploration of workforce trends, self-assessment, career options, goal setting and the use of various career-coaching tools. In turn, this will empower their children to perform self-directed, effective career planning throughout their life to achieve personal career success.

Download Learning Assessment for Objectives listed below.

1.) Primary Objective: Describe, role-play and reflect on the purpose, and benefits, of parental career coaching.

1.1) Specific Objective: Given self-exploration exercises to review learner’s own career path, learner will gain greater understanding of the career development process and also help avoid transference in their coaching roles.

1.2) Specific Objective: Through the use of a case study, students will discuss the importance of allowing their children to make their own decisions, and the detriment of making decisions prematurely (i.e., forcing kids to grow up too fast). This case study will also touch on parental transference

1.3) Specific Objective: Given effective questioning tools and through role play, learners will effectively communicate and connect with their child by showing interest in their future, in a constructive, positive and non-disciplinary way.

2.) Primary Objective: Discuss and utilize career-related self-assessments.

2.1) Specific Objective: Given the definition of self-assessment, students will be able to discuss the benefit of such with the class and their children.

2.2) Specific Objective: Given the definition of interests and skills in relation to career development through lecture, activities and looking at various associated assessment instruments, learners will be able to suggest applicable tests to their children and/or guidance counselor.

2.3) Specific Objective: Students will discuss the role of personality in career decision- making, and the benefits of a personality assessment instrument, by taking, and scoring, a mini-version in class.

2.4) Specific Objective: Students will be able to list the importance of personal values in career planning and obtain their children’s values through sample questions.

3.) Primary Objective: Explore careers; discuss and list applicable career-related resources.

3.1) Specific Objective: Students will clarify child’s questions, assisting the child to find their own answers, though effective coaching techniques.

3.2) Specific Objective: Students will match self-assessment results to career options using various resources.

3.3) Specific Objective: Students will explore a career field and gather ample Internet-based data to later assist their child in making informed decisions on their own.

3.4) Specific Objective: Given case studies, learners will describe the benefits of mentors, informational interviews, work-based experience (i.e., shadowing and internships) and professional organizations.

3.5) Learners will conduct mock informational interviews with classmates. Note: The benefits of such will be tri-fold: to see how an information interview works, to increase knowledge of other’s work and to develop a potential career network.

4.) Primary Objective: Apply skills for goal setting and career planning.

4.1) Specific Objective: Students will teach their children to better know themselves through setting goals.

4.2) Specific Objective: Students will list specific goal setting skills though the use of various activities.


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